Monday, January 16, 2012

Ow. My Brain. It hurts.

Too many colors. Too many patterns. Too much thinking!

Piecing together this quilt is like trying to solve a puzzle with no answer. You know those puzzles where you put the squares together so that all four sides match with the pieces next to them? Its like that. Ow. My brain. I gave up and left it lying (laying? really I need to just look up the rule for this) in the middle of my living room.

On Saturday night I went to a friend's wedding. At the reception they had this really great idea of having a "photobooth." Really it was a photographer with all sorts of props so you could dress up and take pictures that you could download later. Our sunday school class was all there together and we got some really great pictures.
Isn't that such a fun idea?


  1. I love the photobooth idea! And your quilt, obviously, but that needs no introduction. This wedding looks fun enough that I suppose it's ok we rainchecked. :)


  2. Mary Claire...I am so impressed that you are piecing a quilt. I have recently found (well a couple of yrs ago) the love of quilting too. :) It is a dying art! :)

  3. Quilting is great. I wish I had the skill to make clothes but I don't have the patience for it. I'm much better with straight lines and not having to fit it to a person.