Friday, January 13, 2012

The little pieces are making friends and becoming blocks!

About this time yesterday I was thinking "man this quilt is flying along!"

Then I started thinking... things aren't adding up. I shouldn't have this many triangles left. This is only going to make 20 blocks, I need 40. What's going on?!

I still haven't figured out what went wrong but I know one thing, I was too trusting in my quilting book. It was being very vague on what to cut and so I was unsure to begin with but I went with it anyway. I should have checked the math, but in the end, no harm no foul.

All that to say that I had to go back and cut another 30 colored strips and another 30 off-white strips so that I can have the 40 blocks I need. Pain in the butt.

But that's all done and I have finished piecing 30/40 blocks!

This is the quilt 1/2 way done. In the end it will be a 5 block x 8 block quilt. (Note: in the picture below the blocks are just lying (laying? this is something my dad has tried to drill into my sister and me since we were about 5 and I still can't ever remember which one is correct) on the carpet, not sewn together. So if they look a bit crooked that's why)

One thing I can tell is going to be hard with this quilt is getting the colors to balance out. Even with this half the quilt I had to do a lot of swapping around and moving blocks to make sure there wasn't too much of one color in any one area.

I talked to my sister last night and she goes "Why in the world have you watched so many things on netflix in the last two days?!" I explained that when I quilt I have some movie or tv show playing so I can listen while I work. I looked back and realized I have done some serious tv watching in the last 3 days (although I haven't exactly been a couch potato...)

I have watched:

No Strings Attached
Love and other diasters
Bed & Breakfast
Journey into Amazing Caves IMAX
2 episodes of Life (nat geo)
3 episodes of Bones

I think I was on a romantic comedy kick...

I would definitely recommend Love and Other Disasters and Bed & Breakfast. Both really cute movies. Currently I'm watching Play the Game, which I might suggest. Not sure yet.

Well I have a meeting at 4 and actually have to leave my apartment at some point today... so bye for now!

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