Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Reads

While I would love to say that I am planning on quilting and crafting all break I have to be realistic. When I quilt for too long at one time I tend to get sloppier with my work after a while. I mean, when I start a quilt I could easily work on it six hours a day for three or four days. I get into the quilting trance, watching (really more listening) to movies and working with my pieces of fabric. However, after a while I have to quit, put the pieces away for a few days and do something else for a while. To avoid sloppiness. SOOOO... I need other things to do! The answer: books.

I got to have a lovely chat with one of my best and oldest friends last night. Caroline is an avid reader and has similar tastes in books to mine. I was hoping to get some ideas from her but, alas, she's a law student and hasn't been tearing through any books lately. She did have one suggestion, The beekeeper's apprentice. Apparently its a Sherlock Holmes book that is set when Sherlock has retired, or so he says.

The rest of the books I have added to my reading list are books that I discovered (although some I had heard about before) from What a wonderful website! You add in books that you have read and give them ratings and it gives you similar books that it thinks you'll like. Kind of like pandora, for books. Here's my list.

The Soldier's Wife
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
I Capture the Castle

Considering I'm a slow reader, there is no way I will make it through all of them... but as you know, I have a whole semester to myself! Plenty of time to read. :)

P.S. Entering html hyperlinks is way more difficult on here than expected! Luckily I just finished a computer programmy class and was able to figure out the html code. Small victory for the day.

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