Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Fun

I am a frequent babysitter of two very sweet boys, JO and Noah. On Monday we all went to a movie and on the way home they were asking when they got to come to my house. Because they're mom is swamped with secret Christmas stuff she was dying to get them out of the house so today we packed up the car and headed here, to my "village." The boys couldn't quite grasp what an apartment complex was so it only made sense when, as we pulled through the gates, Noah pipes up from the back seat and says, "Cwaire? Is this your village?" Why yes, yes it is.

Once the boys got over the novelty of my apartment we set to work making gingerbread cookies and a special gift for their parents. My exhaustion prevents me from displaying both tonight so the special gift will have to wait until tomorrow.

We didn't actually make the gingerbread (Shh don't tell!) It actually came from Costco. Baking with the boys in addition to decorating was more than I could take on in one day. We had gingerbread men, christmas trees and my letters of the alphabet cookie cutters.

All those happy gingerbread men :)

JO decided to do his initials right on the pan so he wouldn't have to try to pick them up. What a smart cookie.

We had all sorts of toppings and icings with which to decorate. I considered actually using piping bags but am SOOO glad that I chose to go with the mini icing writing pens. They were much easier for the boys to use and really worked splendidly.

JO was much more patient with his gingerbread men and xmas trees than Noah was. He was particular with every detail.

Noah's "N" was super sprinkley. I wish I had gotten a picture of his six eyed cookie monster.

I made the mistake of telling Noah he could only lick the icing when he accidentally got it on his finger. Suddenly he "accidentally" got icing on his finger about every two seconds. I did however catch him taking a big lick of the knife after we had finished decorating. Oh Noah.

All our pretty gingerbread cookies. Ready to be eaten. The six eyed cookie monster is on the left in the front.

Gulp Gulp Gulp. I'm drowning!

What a fun day we had! Stay tuned for the craft we did later as a Christmas gift for their parents.

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