Thursday, December 8, 2011

Definitely NOT procrastination.

So I'm definitely not procrastinating. Absolutely, positively no time wasted today. None. At all. That being said... I felt that it would be an extremely wise way to spend my time if I made something Christmassy. Therefore, Rudolph the Pink Nosed Bookmark was born. I got my inspiration from some Monster bookmarks I made a while back.

While Monsters are fun... I felt the need to do some Christmas themed something.

To begin, I started with 3 squares in the shape of an L. The squares are each 2.5 inches.

Because I didn't want a straight across mouth like on the monsters but wanted more of a nose for my reindeer, I didn't cut the two side squares in half diagonally but instead cut a little less then half. I folded the squares and then drew where I wanted the nose to end before cutting.

Once the two side squares are cut, I folded the squares on top of each other and glued. Because I'm impatient and can't sit there holding the glue, I almost always stick one of my heavy glass cups on top of whatever is drying and come back to it a few minutes later.

To make Rudolph a bit more interesting I cut dark brown paper to add color to his face. I cut one piece to match the top shape and one to match the inside but then cut them about 1/4 of an inch smaller so that the tan would still show around the edges.

Next I just added some small details to his face: Antlers, eyes, eyelashes and a pink nose (I don't have any red paper...)

See what I mean about the glass? Super helpful. Although it does look a bit like I've killed Rudolph.

Poof! A Rudolph Book Mark! Now all I needed was a good book and some hot cocoa.

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