Monday, April 2, 2012

Pottery has come to an end

Today was the last day of pottery. It's sad to have it end. I really enjoyed going in during the week to work on my pieces. But there was one good thing about the last day of class. It meant we got to take home all our pieces!

These are all my little babies I've been working on for the last 8 weeks. (well minus the ones that got thrown in the recycling bin to be remade into workable clay). There are 24 in all, I think. It is entirely possible that one of my pieces is still sitting in the kiln or on the done shelf or heck even on the bisque shelf waiting to be glazed. I'll go back and check in a few days but I'm not going to fret about it.

So here are my pieces!

Strange little bowl with blue and clear glaze

So a piece broke on the kiln and over fired about 10 of my pieces. The only thing different about those pieces was that glazing was really really hard and took about 10 times as long. For 9/10 of my "crispy critters" they turned out fine. But for this one, the glaze was way too thin and it didn't turn out very well. :(
Brown mug with braided handle
This used to be a tall skinny vase and then... I dropped it while it was still wet. It bent up the neck and made it all wobbly. A woman in my class suggested cutting it up a bit and making it a pitcher. I am quite happy with how it turned out.
My little bitty demitasse mug. It's hard to tell in this picture but its about the side of a large espresso. 

Another mug with a braided handle. I thought I would like this color so I used it a lot... then a bunch of stuff came out with it and I realized it wasn't my favorite...

Black Stripes
Kermit the frog rice bowl
My first semi-successful bowl
So this mug... I worked dillegently to make a straight stripe around the middle with masking tape, dipped it in green and then painted on the stripe... Audrey, the studio assistant, goes "what color is this?" "green..." "what color is this one?" "Oh shoot!" I painted the stripe the same color as the mug! So I added some purple stripes to make it not terrible...

Nice little bowl
I really like this little pitcher!
Eh... wish I hadn't used the blue color but otherwise I like this one too!
Possibly my favorite piece from the semester. I glazed it in a nice slate green color with a unglazed stripe around the middle.

My series of pots. Not quite sure what I will do with them though.
Pretty little 2nd smallest pot in the series

I painted a leaf on the bottom of this one with wax so when I dipped it in black glaze it didn't stick to the leaf. 

And now I have to find a place for them all to live...

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  1. Dear Basically Bella,
    I love all these pieces. I have a few similar pieces that my M, J and M made at Montreat and I use them all the time...for nuts or olives or other goodies. If I were you, I'd hang on to them all and display them as a whole collection...or I'd give them all away to your friends (hope I'm included). deb