Friday, March 9, 2012

Irons and whatnots

This was going to be my week to finish all three quilts because my roommate is visiting her family for a week and I was hoping for some serious sewing machine time. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.

For one thing, I just haven't been in the mood to sew this week and I have learned from experience that if I'm not in the mood I shouldn't force it. Sewing is something I enjoy and I don't want to make it a chore. Also, I get WAY sloppy when I don't really want to be sewing.

I started to do some light quilting on Tuesday but discovered that the iron I've been using, which belongs to my roommate, is gone. I don't know if anyone has ever tried to quilt without an iron but its pretty much impossible. SO, to remedy my new ironless state, I bought myself a new iron!


Isn't it pretty! Now, I knew that with the amount of ironing I do, I needed to spend a bit more money and get an iron that could really meet my needs. The iron I had been using was an itsy bitsy compact thing that would be perfect for the casual ironer. My ironing needs, however, are a bit more intense so it's probably a good thing that I was forced into an upgrade. This one has 5 settings PLUS you can change the steam amounts. It has a spray button that works (mine at home doesn't work) AND... the best part... it has a retractable cord. I know. Its cool. Be jealous. 

The Dress:

Okay, so I don't make clothes. In the 10 years I have been sewing I have made 2 dresses, a skirt, and a couple pairs of pajama pants/shorts. I don't like it, I'm not good at it and I find it incredibly frustrating. With a quilt, if you mess up one stitch or do one little thing wrong, no biggy. Its just one piece out of 360. No one will notice. But with clothes, if your machine decides to spaz or if you pin something wrong or you get annoyed with trying to get a curve to actually stayed curved while you sew it (man I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it!) then its incredibly noticeable and you just end up looking like a clothes sewing phony. So...  I don't make clothes.

My mama called me up a couple of weeks ago and said that she had a present for me. Yay! Well... turns out that my church at home is making dresses for little girls in the Dominican Republic where they go on a mission trip every year. Mom was nice enough to buy two dress kits so that two little girls could have new dresses. How thoughtful. She then called me and told me she would send them my way and I could send them back when I was done. Thanks Mom. 

Luckily these dresses aren't too labor intensive (although they were not the 5 minutes that mom kept claiming they would take). They're actually made of pillow cases with the bottom cut off. Pretty cute and easy (as far as making clothes go)

I was trying to figure out if these little dresses could be shortened into shirts but I'm not convinced they could be. Pretty cute little dress for a little girl though! I just hope that whoever gets the dress won't look too closely at my thread snags and wonky armpit seams.

Now that the dress is made I think I'm done sewing for the day. Oh why oh why did my break away from sewing have to come during the week when I can actually sew?! Oh well, what can you do...

Hope everyone has a magnificent weekend and enjoys the beautiful sunshine!

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